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First of all, many thanks to my friend Conni for the information below. This is very important not just to me but to all the women out there.
Are you doing a self-breast exam monthly, and seeing your OBGYN for a check-up yearly? After age 40 you should start getting screened for a mammogram and if you have a history of breast cancer (or any type of cancer for that matter), should be earlier than 40.

Every time a woman gets her period, there are hormonal changes that occur in our body, our breasts swell up and when we don't get pregnant, of course the body's immune system does this wonderful thing of getting rid of that dead tissue in our breasts . But when our body doesn't all get rid of it due to some factors like diet (caffeine, bad fats, etc), stress (that's why we must exercise), then we get these calcified or dead tissues and some might form into lumps or cysts.

A friend of Conni's shared with her an interesting story about her friend's sister, who after years of getting breast biopsies, finally got tired and looked around for any answer--came across SELF BREAST MASSAGES. Every night, she would take warm sesame oil and massage each breasts in a gentle but firm circular motion (preferably clockwise), then outward motion starting from the center--then like the spokes of the wheel. You can use two fingers, and then the palm of your hand. Other studies say that you can do the massages even without the oil, the point here is to encourage blood flow in and out of your lymph nodes. (This is especially important after wearing a bra all day). Anyway, after she started doing this regularly, on her next breast biopsy--the surgeon had to cancel the whole surgery because the breast was clear!

There are several book written about self breast massage for women. I don't know why I've never come across this before. But sometimes, God uses our own predicament to make us hunger for knowledge/wisdom and the find the answer. Isn't that true most of the time?

Well, hope this information helps me and you.

P.S. Here are some recommended supplement items that doctors say help
turmeric & coq10 (known to reduce cysts in lab studies)
flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil


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Jescel said…
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Anonymous said…
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Pasensiya na hindi ko na madalas nabubuksan yung email ko. Busy lang kasi.

Ingat sila sa yo....Nakakatulong yata kung regular naman ako nag-lalaro ng tabletennis....he,he,.....

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Konting ingat.


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